Mpasua Msonobari swahili voice over expert

Hi! I am Mpasua Msonobari
The living Swahili legend of interpretation, translation, voice over and dubbing as my colleagues and peers prefer to call me.

Join me as I share entertaining storiesas I delivered services on interpretationtranslationSwahili Voice over and dubbing. I will also share beautiful images, and useful travel tips with you from around the world! 9 years and 31 countries later, my bucket list is longer.

I have been speaking, writing and working from and into the Swahili language professionally for now 25 years and counting. I am also equally proficient in the English language up to the Proficiency Level.

I have translated over 20,000,000 words into and from Swahili and interpreted into and from the Swahili language for over 25,000 hours. I am the best ProZ Swahili Translator and Interpreter and is ranked TOP!

I love and live the Swahili language! I have worked with and mentored thousands of other Swahili speakers allover the world who also work and earn a living from the Swahili language.
I can speak and work in 3 Swahili Dialects namely:
Tanzania Swahili
Kenya Swahili
Congolese Swahili

Swahili Translator and interpreter Mpasua Msonobari

About 5 years ago I ventured into the VRI, OPI, and RSI spaces and since then my life has never been the same again! Through different companies and platforms such as ProZ, Boostlingo, Ablio, Interactio, Kudos, Zoiper, WordSynk, Zoom, Skype and many others, I have touched the lives of many patients, parents, immigrants, refugees, students, schools, hospitals, and non - profit organizations in all the 6 continents of the globe.

I am available and able immediately to be your Swahili OPI & VRI since I have 22 years of experience, HIPAA Certified, ATA Certified, ProZ Certified, Medical, Health, and Legal Interpreter Certified, English Language Tests Certified and have lots of clients who can vouch on my experience and expertise as I worked with them in those long hours over the phone and via video remotely.

I always endeavor to follow the code of ethics and standard practices of an OPI, RSI and VRI which include but are not limited to being accurate and complete, maintaining confidentiality, and never expressing personal opinions to the limited English proficient person.

I am also the CEO and Founder of Languages Africa, a leading and exclusive African Languages Service Provider which has 5 Offices in 5 different Locations in Africa working with a team of language experts and talents who translate and interpret into and from at least a hundred African
languages together with English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Languages Africa seeks to ensure that the world listens to Africa by understanding major African languages by helping it to Converse with Africa.
I can be reached directly on my WhatsApp number +254 725 084 032 or you can simply shoot me an email at or