Download the copy of the BBI Report in pdf format online here

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Download online the pdf BBI Report below here please. The Report of the Steering Committee on the Implementation of the Building Bridges to a United Kenya Taskforce Report. The question many people are asking, where do I download the copy of the BBI report pdf online? Download the copy of the BBI Report in pdf format below:


1. Where to download bbi report? The Above Link.

2. Where do I [Download] The Building Bridges Initiative Report? The Above Link.

3. BBI Report pdf Download – YouTube/ Facebook/ Twitter? Click on the Above Link.

4. BBI Report Pdf Copy – Building Bridges initiative Download? Click on the Above Link.

5. BBI Report Kenya pdf Download – Building Bridges initiative Download? Click on the Above Link.

6. #BBIReport: Download the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI Report) Click on the Above Link.

7. BBI Report Download Free [PDF] Click on the Above Link.

8. Download the Full BBI Report HERE [PDF FILE] Click on the Above Link.

9. BBI FULL REPORT – ENGLISH. Click on the Above Link.

10. FREE BBI REPORT PDF DOWNLOAD. Click on the Above Link.

11. Download The Launched BBI Report Herein. Click on the Above Link.

12. You can download the BBI Report on this link. Click on the Above Link.

13. Download PDF: Here is the full BBI Report (3MBs). Click on the Above Link.

14. Who has the soft copy of the BBI? Click on the Above Link.

15. Where can I get the BBI Report 204 pages copy? Click on the Above Link.

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20 cute pictures from the New Single ‘WAP’ for Card B ft Megan that show why it is trending allover!

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Cardi B may have filed for divorce from Offset, husband of 3 years but she still rocks and is flying high in her music career!

Two of the biggest names in the rap industry released a new song last Friday August 7, 2020! I am talking about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion who refer themselves in the new singles as hoes! Thanks to Beyonce who refers to herself as royalty. As if that is not enough, Card B has openly proclaims that she has a grammy winning vagina! Well one wonders why Offset became his Ex. but that is a story of another day.

The new single ‘WAP’ has trended for as long as I can remember due to the cute images and sounds that are found in the single. Similarly the single has also opened a can of worms especially among the religious and open minded people who are not fanatics of the duo. Some have claimed that the song’s words and music video exhibit satanism, illuminati, lesbianism & vulgarity! Well it is not so clear what they were in the first place doing watching such satanic loaded footage to realize all those traits about it but below please see for yourself some of those cute pictures from the song and be the judge:

Do you agree that indeed if these pictures are cute or do you think they indeed exhibit all those other traits? Share with us on the comments section and share widely to your friends and colleagues so that we also get to hear their opinion. 

In the meantime if you did not to watch the Cardi B – WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion [Official Music Video], trending number 1 in most countries on YouTube and other music platforms by clicking here

Finally, as you know, sometimes music is the only medicine that your heart and soul needs. Needless to say that medicine comes in different sizes, tastes and instructions. Therefore let Card B and Megan B as their music, as much as it may be poison to some people, it is a daily dose of medicine to some!

In the meantime, the Kenyan Card B, Azziad Nasenya, in so far as dancing is concerned has come from far! Well you will be shocked to see how she looked before fame and blessings. Prepare yourself for what you are just about to watch by clicking here

30 beautiful pictures of the rested Pretty Mutave (Waridi) actress for Maza, Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu & Kijakazi.

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Pretty Mutave, award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu is dead. The cause of her death is still unknown.

Beginning of this year she posted on her instagram stating that she was ready for any eventuality of the new year 2020. This has left many guessing what is it that she meant. Was she ready for her death? Just recently they were about to launch a new project with Lulu Hassan and she was very excited about it.

Well as they say, God plucks the most beautiful flower in the vineyard and indeed he has done it again. Below please see 30 stunning pictures of the Pretty Mutave aka Ashina, Zelda, Lena, Waridi, Zari & Dee:

Pretty Mutave or Zari as many are fond of calling her graced the television screens of many in different TV Drama series in numerous fascinating roles as shown below:

Udhalimu – Ashina

Arosto – Zelda

Kijakazi – Lena

Moyo – Waridi

Maza – Zari

Aziza – Dee

What do you think of this early demise of such a talent?Any last words for her? May the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace!

EXCLUSIVE: Pretty Mutave award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu was ready for her death!

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Pretty Mutave the award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu, Arosto, Kijakazi, Maza and Aziza has passed on. Her cause of death is yet to be established. 

In her new 2020 year message on Instagram she posted and said: “I do have a lot to say about 2019 but I choose to thank God for the journey …..Hallo 2020…. whachu got for me, trust me I’m ready.”

Dance with the Angels Pretty Mutave, Zari of Maza! Gone too soon!

Well, your guess is as good as mine. Death is what 2020 had for her and it seems she was ready to face it going by her post.

One of her bosses Rashid Abdalla emotionally mourned her demise when he posted on social media and said:

“Japo kazi ya Mungu haina makosa lakini msiba hauna mazoea. Pretty Mutave kipaji chako kikawe nuru kwa malaika. Mola ailaze roho yako pema peponi Inshallah. Heshima na kipaji chako vitadumu milele.

“We will not question the Lord’s doing since we can never get ued to death. Pretty Mutave may your talent be a light among the angels. May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace. Your respect and talent will live with us forever”

In all these wonderful TV Drama series productions she starred and was known by her loyal fans as follows:

Udhalimu – Ashina

Arosto – Zelda

Kijakazi – Lena

Moyo – Waridi

Maza – Zari

Aziza – Dee

Mutave’s death comes two months after that of the Popular Citizen TV actor Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula. Indeed this year has not been a good year for the media industry.

Waridi as her Moyo fans knew her loved dancing very much. Many times she would post herself dancing seductive moves and joke that the video posted itself. In life she loved dancing and in heaven she will dance with the angels too. Some of those spectacular dance steps are here. To watch click here.

The news of Mutave’s demise was received with mixed emotions by her fans who followed all her productions with the diligence of a bee on the bee hive. Some of them are below;

What do you think of Pretty Mutave’s death? Which role of hers did you like and in what TV drama series? Do you believe that she was ready for her death as per her post? Please let us know in the comments section and also remember to follow ad share this article.

My the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.

Guardian Angel and his Mzuri wife Esther singing Mazuri in Mlolongo, Love Wins.

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From left to right is Moja Short Babaa, Guardian Angel and the 50 years old wife Esther.

A new single between the 2, Moji ShortBabaa and Guardian Angle premiered on Thursday September 10, 2020. Moji ShortBabaa Ft. Guardian Angel – Mazuri (Official Video). You can watch it below:

AFCON 2019 Friendlies Egypt Vs Tanzania 1-0 FULL Highlights & ALL Goals June 13, 2019

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Hii ilikuwa mechi ya kirafiki kati ya Misri wenyeji wa shindano la AFCON 2019 na Tanzania kutokea Afrika Mashariki watoto wa Magufuli. Ilichezewa kwenye uwanja wa Borg El Arab Jijini Alexandria nchini Misri. Ikumbukwe kwamba uwanja huu ulifunguliwa rasmi mnamo mwaka wa 2005 na ndio mkubwa zaidi Misri na wa pili kwa ukubwa barani Afrika. Unaweza kuingia mashabiki wapatao themanini na sita elfu.

Mechi hii ilikuwa imesubiriwa sana kwa hamu na ghamu huku wengi wakijiuliza kama Misri wataibuka washindi kwenye kombe lenyewe la AFCON 2019 katika msimu huu.

Misri ndio wanaoshikilia kombe hili la AFCON na watakuwa wakijiandaa kulitetea vikali. Mafarao hawa wamelishinda taji hili mara 7 huku wakilitwaa kombe hilo mara tatu kwenye uwanja wa nyumbani.

Kwa ajili ya ushupavu wao huu, wengi walitaka kuegemea upande wao hata hivyo Watanzania wakiongozwa na Emmanuel Emenike walijifunga kibwebwe kuudhihirishia ulimwengu kwamba licha ya kutooonekana AFCON tangu mwaka wa 1980 wangali wanaweza na wana nafasi kuu.

Hata  hivyo bahati haikuwa upande wa Tanzania kwani goli lake Ahmed Elmohamady  mnamo dakika ya 64 ndilo bao pekee kwenye mechi lililowapatia Mafarao ushindi. Kipenfa cha mwisho kilipopigwa Misri walikuw a na goli moja nayo timu ya nyumbani sifuri. Mlinda lango Manula alifanya kazi ya ziada kwenye mechi baada ya kuokoa mikwaju kadhaa. Uwanja haukuwa na mashabiki kabisa na viti kote uwanjani vilionekana kuwasalimia wachezaji uwanjani. Tazama hapa yaliyojiri:

Kundi la A na C

Kwenye kinyang’anyiro hiki kinachokuja cha AFCON Misri wako kwenye kundi la A pamoja na timu za Zimbabwe, DR Congo na Uganda. Wapinzani wao kwenye mechi hii ya kirafiki nao, Tanzania, wako kwenye kundi gumu kwelikweli, kundi la C pamoja na timu za Aljeria, Kenya na Senegal.

Bila shaka huu ulikuwa mtihani mkubwa kwa timu yetu hii ya nyumbani dhidi ya mabingwa Misri na hatimaye dakika 90 za mechi zilisema ukweli wake.

Baada ya kuyasoma makala haya, maoni yako ni yapi kuihusu mechi hii ya kirafiki. hasa baada ya Misri kuipuka Taifa Stars ya Tanzania? Ni mechi gani nyingine ya kirafiki ambayo unasubiria kwa hamu!

Kuwa huru kutuambia maoni yako hapo penye sehemu ya comments nasi pamoja na wasomaji wengine tutayasoma na kuyaweka maoni yetu pia katika harakati za kuchangia mada haya kwani, mchango ni kuchangizana!

Kwa habari kemkem zilizohaririwa kwa ustadi na ufundi bila papara wala payukapayuka hapa ndipo.

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Henry Desagu identified as one of the Africa’s Most Popular YouTuber and the money YouTubers make in every country!

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Henry Desagu identified as one of the Africa’s Most Popular YouTuber and the money YouTubers make in every country!

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30 cute and breathtaking pictures of Jowie Irungu’s lover which has left Team Mafisi salivating

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Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie – a suspect in the murder case of the business woman Monica Kimani did open up for the first time about his life and times in Kamiti prison. He did so during an interview with Jalango on Jalango TV’s program known as #BongaNaJalas. 

During the interview Jowie painfully noted: “I don’t have friends, they let me down when I was at Kamiti” He spent one-and-a-half years in Kamiti prison and in one sentence he summarized the place as follows: “Kamiti is not what you think man! It is a small place but a bad place.”

As the interview went on he was quick to state that he finished things up with Jackie Maribe and that now he is seeing a lady by the name Ella. Well, just mentioning that one name only, was his un doing. No sooner had he mentioned the name than the online hustlers dug deep into the web and within no time they fished Ella out.

She is called Eleanor Musangi Ndamo alias Ella. Team Mafisi have already approved her to fall under the category of pretty. “Anatesa sana huyo mroro!” That lady is very pretty. They were heard discussing in Whats App groups. 

Ella is a model who was once signed under SuraZuri Modelling casting agency which is located in Nairobi, Kenya at the physical address, Riruta Jamhuri Road Film Studios Jamhuri Park.

Well, without much a do I share with you 30 cute and breathtaking pictures of Jowie Irungu’s lover and baby mama Ella which has left Team Mafisi salivating:

How have you found the pictures? Ametosha mboga? Is she really cute? Between her and Jackie Maribe who would you say is prettier? Do you think their love is genuine and it shall stand the taste of time or who is fooling who?

In other news, have you watched Michelle Obama’s FULL Speech at Democratic National Convention 2020 that left Trump trembling & shaking? Please watch it now by clicking here.

And in our neighboring country Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz releases a song in honor of his favorite local club Simba SC Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz – Simba Kiboko Yao, Wimbo rasmi wa Simba SC (Official Music Video). Watch HD Video by clicking here.

Inside the Will of Bob Collymore – Hundreds of Millions all to Wife Wambui Kamiru!

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Well, this was a man and half. His will was as you have seen in the video above! All his Kenyan riches to the wife Wambui Kamiru. How nice and loving.

Too bad the boys did not feature anywhere in the will!

Continue dancing with the angels Bob Collymore!

Senate Streaming Live (YouTube & Facebook) FULL Proceedings on Tuesday 15th, September, 2020 |Showdown Expected!

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Mheshimiwa Sudi presenting himself to Langas Police Station, fast journey to Nairobi.

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Oscar Sudi, shujaa wa polisi, takes himself to the Police Station

Oscar Sudi, shujaa wa polisi, takes himself to the Police Station

Mheshimiwa Sudi in the Custody of the Law finally at Langas Police Station headed for Narobi!
How Oscar Sudi was hurriedly whisked away from Langas Police Station to Nairobi!

Mheshimiwa Sudi being airlifted with helicopter to Nairobi amid tight security. #unaendeleaje#wasikudanganye#kamatiyarohochafu#leo#jirani #jaat#ja

♬ original sound – mpasuamsonobarisnr
Mheshimiwa Sudi being airlifted with helicopter to Nairobi amid tight security.

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