EXCLUSIVE: Pretty Mutave award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu was ready for her death!

Pretty Mutave the award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu, Arosto, Kijakazi, Maza and Aziza has passed on. Her cause of death is yet to be established. 

In her new 2020 year message on Instagram she posted and said: “I do have a lot to say about 2019 but I choose to thank God for the journey …..Hallo 2020…. whachu got for me, trust me I’m ready.”

Dance with the Angels Pretty Mutave, Zari of Maza! Gone too soon!

Well, your guess is as good as mine. Death is what 2020 had for her and it seems she was ready to face it going by her post.

One of her bosses Rashid Abdalla emotionally mourned her demise when he posted on social media and said:

“Japo kazi ya Mungu haina makosa lakini msiba hauna mazoea. Pretty Mutave kipaji chako kikawe nuru kwa malaika. Mola ailaze roho yako pema peponi Inshallah. Heshima na kipaji chako vitadumu milele.

“We will not question the Lord’s doing since we can never get ued to death. Pretty Mutave may your talent be a light among the angels. May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace. Your respect and talent will live with us forever”

In all these wonderful TV Drama series productions she starred and was known by her loyal fans as follows:

Udhalimu – Ashina

Arosto – Zelda

Kijakazi – Lena

Moyo – Waridi

Maza – Zari

Aziza – Dee

Mutave’s death comes two months after that of the Popular Citizen TV actor Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula. Indeed this year has not been a good year for the media industry.

Waridi as her Moyo fans knew her loved dancing very much. Many times she would post herself dancing seductive moves and joke that the video posted itself. In life she loved dancing and in heaven she will dance with the angels too. Some of those spectacular dance steps are here. To watch click here.

The news of Mutave’s demise was received with mixed emotions by her fans who followed all her productions with the diligence of a bee on the bee hive. Some of them are below;

What do you think of Pretty Mutave’s death? Which role of hers did you like and in what TV drama series? Do you believe that she was ready for her death as per her post? Please let us know in the comments section and also remember to follow ad share this article.

My the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace.

~ by Mpasua Msonobari TV on September 15, 2020.

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