30 beautiful pictures of the rested Pretty Mutave (Waridi) actress for Maza, Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu & Kijakazi.

Pretty Mutave, award winning actress for Aziza, Moyo, Udhalimu is dead. The cause of her death is still unknown.

Beginning of this year she posted on her instagram stating that she was ready for any eventuality of the new year 2020. This has left many guessing what is it that she meant. Was she ready for her death? Just recently they were about to launch a new project with Lulu Hassan and she was very excited about it.

Well as they say, God plucks the most beautiful flower in the vineyard and indeed he has done it again. Below please see 30 stunning pictures of the Pretty Mutave aka Ashina, Zelda, Lena, Waridi, Zari & Dee:

Pretty Mutave or Zari as many are fond of calling her graced the television screens of many in different TV Drama series in numerous fascinating roles as shown below:

Udhalimu – Ashina

Arosto – Zelda

Kijakazi – Lena

Moyo – Waridi

Maza – Zari

Aziza – Dee

What do you think of this early demise of such a talent?Any last words for her? May the good Lord rest her soul in eternal peace!

~ by Mpasua Msonobari TV on September 15, 2020.

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