Sad Day for Kenya, Fresh Details emerge on what killed John De’ Mathew.

Indeed it’s a sad day for Kenya as fresh Details emerge on what killed John De’ Mathew, the Benga maestro who sang mostly in Kikuyu and left his fans on TOP of the world!

While they say sadness flies away on the wings of time this particular wings will take a long time to grow to the fans of John Ng’ang’a aka ndemethiu especially after the emergence of the fresh details of what actually killed him.

According to an eye witness of the night accident between the black Double Cabin for the legendary musician and father of 7,
De’ Mathew and a lorry the negligence and indifference of the Kenyan motorists driving by the fresh scene of accident killed John De’ Mathew!

The lack of interest, concern, or sympathy of the Kenyan motorists to assist in rescueing and swiftly rushing the injured musician to the nearest hospital is what actually killed him.

The good Samaritans and eye witnesses revealed that when removing the musician from the wreckage he was still breathing even though bleeding profusely on the forehead.

The eye witness narrated exclusively to a popular radio station in Kenya and I quote him:

“I helped Peter, my fellow Good Samaritan to stop other vehicles which were coming from behind while he removed the singer from the car. Most motorists refused to stop thinking we were thugs stopping them!”

“He wasn’t talking but he was breathing. His legs were still on the break pedal and upper body between the 2 front seats. He was bleeding from the forehead and didn’t utter a word. His eyes were closed.”

While the Kenyan motorists avoided to offer the urgent help that De’Mathew really needed for his survival due to their safety, for fear of rogue thugs and road bandits this was no excuse for them to assist, given the very look of the scene of the accident and the damaged Double Cabin which was all evident for them to see needless to mention his injured body which was laying there helplessly after being removed by the Good Samaritans.

Have you ever encountered a fresh accident on the road where the victims badly need your help for survival? What action did you take? Please share with us on the comments section.

All in all lets us all be reminded from this eye witness narration that it’s imperative we offer the urgently needed help to accident victims whenever and wherever they need it. You never can tell how this help shall do to the victims’s life and survival!

Finally when a good Samaritan was found to rush Baba Ciku as he was fondly called by his peers to the hospital, it was too little, too late. He was pronounced dead on arriving at the Thika Nursing Home!

While they say accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love. Let’s learn to manage and respond to the accidents positively with open arms and minds, just like we do to love when ambushed with it.

How will you remember this great iconic Kenyan musician? Which song of his is your favorite? Mine definitely is ‘Njata Yakwa’ with my favorite video vixen of all time Sabina Chege!

Here at Mpasua Msonobari TV we wish to send our sincere condolences to the family, friends and relatives of the deceased! Ndemethiu will forever be in our hearts!

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~ by Mpasua Msonobari TV on August 22, 2019.

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