I am an expert Swahili native speaker, expert swahili translator in Kenya,Tanzania Africa. I provide professional Swahili translation,Transcription and interpretation services as well as do represent also Other African Languages native speakers and professionals from a full service language company called Languages Africa, www.languagesafrica.com. I am its CEO and Founder. It caters for the African language needs of a large number of enterprises, small businesses, peer language companies and individuals both locally in East Africa the cradle land of the Swahili language and abroad.Swahili transcription Services is one of the areas we have recently ventured into an excelled in Kenya Tanzania Africa.

A big thank you to our loyal customer who not only have continued to give us repeat business but referred new clientele but as well, made us embrace new products and services to the market.For example we have become swahili dubbing movies experts and most of our customers now cosider us the best swahili dubbing movies experts in Tanzania,Kenya Africa.When we ventured into Dinka language translation, I myself took extensive on the ground research on the dinka language and culture for you cannot accurately translate a language without appreciating its evolving backbone culture.This made me a trusted and leading Dinka translator in Africa,Kenya, Tanzania.Welcome for professional good dinka Translation services.Swahili transcription Services

 I have been in the industry for almost 2 decades and have translated over 50,000,000 words in the English<>Swahili combination and attended countless conferences of close to 5, 000 hours as an Interpreter in the Swahili language. You have me; you have all it takes to succeed in your project so far as Swahili is concerned. I am a living legend in Swahili and arguably a leading expert in Swahili to English to Swahili translation.My team and I provide one of the best Swahili interpreter services in Tanzania,Kenya Africa as well as accurate  reliable Swahili Transcription services in Tanzania,Kenya Africa.These services are done to individuals,conferences or large corporates from all over the world.We can provide in house,within the country,or even abroad depending on client needs.

As the company has grown, we have found ourselves market leaders in Swahili translation services in Kenya,Tanzania Africa as well as trusted and accurate swahili transcription services provider in Kenya,Tanzania Africa.This has made us a popular african languaes translator company 

  I hold a degree in one of the arguably fastest growing African Language - Swahili and have trained at the prestigious institutions in native Africa. With over a decade of translation and tutoring experience, I am passionate about promoting the use of the African languages top on the list being Swahili. I am also ready to articulate my deep understanding of the Swahili language to eager clients with job offers and learners with research vacations in Swahili and other African languages.This am able to do perfectly well as a swahili translator in Tanzania,Kenya and Africa.


Indeed I would like to work with a client and or an agency which values individuality and enables me to reach my highest potential. In all my works, I have vowed to always provide the better of the best and I am well known for the slogan, you have me, you have it. I am always passionate and diligent with whatever I do and proud to say am one of the best swahili translator and interpreter in Kenya,Tanzania and Africa.

The streghth of  Mpasua Msonobari can be summed as : good in Swahili voice over talent , trusted Swahili translator in Tanzania, provides Professional Swahili translation Services, accurate Swahili interpreter Services  and very good  Swahili transcription Services to both local and international clients.

I have secured BIG Contracts with: Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung in the African Languages i.e. Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Dinka, Nuer, Lingala, Kikuyu, Acholi, Armharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, French and many more. This is because of my high level of qualifications coupled with my zeal to win beyond the final stand.Google

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